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Feeling Happy, Peaceful, Calm and Content: How to Help Avoid that Crummy Unwanted Mood

One of the things that affects our mood is how we think. There are some types of thinking that can contribute to feelings of depression and other types that are more helpful to us in feeling happy, peaceful, calm, and content.

Cognitive-Behavioral psychologists have identified many cognitive distortions, that is, inaccurate ways of thinking that can contribute to difficulties with anxiety or depression.

Here are some acronyms (first) to help remember some of the most common cognitive distortions and (second) to help remember some of the best ways for feeling more peaceful and calm. In reviewing these lists when we’re feeling down, we may identify strategies for improving our disposition.

We may feel CRUMMY:

(C) When we’re overly Critical towards others or ourselves

(R) When we Ruminate  over all the things that could go wrong

(U) When we dwell Unnecessarily on the little things that have gone wrong

(M) When, by Mindreading, we assume that others are thinking negatively about us

(M) When we Minimize everything we have to be proud of and grateful for

(Y)  When we are always saying Yes when sometimes we need to say no

We may also feel crummy BECAUSE:

(B) We have a Belief in a just world where everything that happens should be fair

(E) We are Excessive in our intent to control everything

(C) We Complain too much

(A) We engage in All or None, Black and White, thinking

(U) We are Unrealistic in imposing excessive standards on ourselves and others

(S) We attend Selectively to the negative

(E) We believe we are Entitled to whatever we want

Alternatively, we may feel PEACEFUL AND CALM

When we are:

(P) Patient and kind

(E) Enthusiastic and effusive

(A) Accepting and graceful

(C) Confident and hopeful

(E) Enjoyable and pleasant

(F) Flexible and giving

(U) Understanding and supportive

(L) Loving and affectionate

(A) Assertive but respectful

(N) Nice and neighborly

(D) Dedicated and hard-working

(C) Considerate and cooperative

(A) Agreeable and approving

(L) Able to enjoy a good Laugh

(M) Mindful in balancing our time and priorities

So when you’re facing a life stressor, you can check through this “crummy” list to help identify the type of thinking around which it may be helpful for you to navigate your path to recover a happy, peaceful, calm, and content mood.

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