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Can Everyday Be As Special As Christmas?

Christmas, that special time of year. Such a wonderful experience! But what makes Christmas so special?

Christmas morning, we wake up feeling excited. We’ve been making preparations, thinking of others, planning gifts, and arranging visits. Our purpose in preparing for Christmas has been about giving, about connecting with our family members and friends, and about focusing on what means the most to us in our lives.

On Christmas, we focus a lot of attention on gifts. We give gifts to one another because we experience joy in expressing appreciation, affection, value, and love for one another. We give gifts to others because we like to excite them, see them smile, and share joy with them. We enjoy receiving gifts because it means so much to know others think of us, care about us, and want to make us happy.

So, Christmas is about what means the most to us – the relationships we have with others, the time we spend with others, the ways in which we’re thoughtful to others, the ways in which others show they care about us.

And so, if we want to make every other day as special as Christmas, we will want to focus on our relationships with one another, on making time for one another, and on being thoughtful and caring towards one another.

On Christmas, we celebrate the birth of our Savior. Our Savior is God’s gift to us. Our Savior delivers us from our enslavement to sin, from every form of deception, from every addiction, from death itself. On Christmas, we celebrate our Savior’s birth because He went on to live a righteous life, to die in place for each one of us, and to defeat death.

Now each day can be like Christmas. We are able to arise excitedly from sleep. We are able to receive the gift of life. We are able to experience the truth and joy in loving one another. We are able to express our thanks and praise to God through our Savior whose birth we are able to celebrate on Christmas Day and every day.

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