Professional Counseling & Psychotherapy


January 2019
Marriage affords the opportunity for us to enjoy our lives together with a partner. It is a whole life, life long relationship. By whole life, I mean that partners are intimate with one another and are one another’s confidant. They entrust themselves to one another. They love and care for one another. They grow together...
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Teenagers with social anxiety spend less time with peers, exchange less personal information, experience more conflict with others, and are less skilled in resolving conflict. They may also pursue friendship with others who are struggling with similar difficulties which can limit the benefits of these friendships and may be less helpful in protecting against peer...
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With OCD, there is a relationship between the obsession and the compulsion. The obsession raises anxiety. The compulsion lowers anxiety – temporarily! Here is an example of worry that may reflect a subtle form of OCD. Elizabeth is worried that she may have cancer. Look at the relationship between her obsessive thoughts and the compulsive...
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