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In an earlier post, I shared information regarding individuals with insecure attachment styles who may be anxious or avoidant in relating closely with others as adults. While growing up, one or both of their parents may not have been consistent in attending to them, nurturing them, guiding them, and encouraging them. Or they may have...
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John Bowlby, the father of attachment theory, described several characteristics of attachment including the desire to be near those we are attached to, the feeling of being securely attached while separated, and the comfort experienced in turning to those with whom we are attached in times of distress. Mary Ainsworth described three major styles of...
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Psychologists have identified five major personality traits (ocean). How would you describe your personality? Are you open to new ideas and activities or do you tend to avoid new experiences? Are you conscientious, self-disciplined, and achievement-oriented or are you rather spontaneous and freewheeling? Are you extraverted, assertive, and sociable or do you prefer individual or...
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